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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# (c) 2017-2019, ETH Zurich, Institut fuer Theoretische Physik
# Author: Dominik Gresch <>
Defines functions to compare two bandstructures by calculating their difference, with different averaging and weighting methods.

import numpy as np
from fsc.export import export

[docs]@export def calculate( eigenvals1, eigenvals2, *, avg_func=np.average, weight_eigenval=np.ones_like, symmetric_eigenval_weights=True, weight_kpoint=lambda kpts: np.ones(np.array(kpts).shape[0]) ): """ Calculate the difference between two bandstructures. :param eigenvals1: The first set of eigenvalues. :type eigenvals1: EigenvalsData :param eigenvals2: The second set of eigenvalues. :type eigenvals2: EigenvalsData :param avg_func: Function which is used to average the difference between the two sets of eigenvalues. :param weight_eigenval: A function which takes the eigenvalues as input, and returns the corresponding weights. :param symmetric_eigenval_weights: Determines whether both sets of eigenvalues are used to calculate weights, or just the first one. :type symmetric_eigenval_weights: bool :param weight_kpoint: A function which takes the k-points as input, and returns the corresponding weights. """ kpoints = np.array(eigenvals1.kpoints) if not np.allclose(kpoints, np.array(eigenvals2.kpoints)): raise ValueError( 'The k-points of the two sets of eigenvalues do not match.' ) kpoint_weights = weight_kpoint(kpoints) if symmetric_eigenval_weights: eigenval_weights = np.mean([ weight_eigenval(eigenvals1.eigenvals), weight_eigenval(eigenvals2.eigenvals) ], axis=0) else: eigenval_weights = weight_eigenval(eigenvals1.eigenvals) weights = (eigenval_weights.T * kpoint_weights).T diff = np.abs(eigenvals1.eigenvals - eigenvals2.eigenvals) return avg_func(diff, weights=weights)
[docs]@export def energy_window(lower, upper): """ Creates an eigenvalue weighting function that only takes into account eigenvalues in a certain energy window. :param lower: Lower bound of the energy window. :type lower: float :param upper: Upper bound of the energy window. :type upper: float """ lower, upper = sorted([lower, upper]) def weight_eigenval(eigenvals): return np.array( np.logical_and(lower < eigenvals, eigenvals < upper), dtype=int ) return weight_eigenval